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Green Pool Cleaning & Acid Wash

At Clear Shine Pool Services we know what it's like when you go to open your pool and you see what used to be crystal clear water, now looks like watered down pea soup. This may occur if the pool maintenance is not done properly, or if the pool has been stagnant for a period of time so that algae has taken over.

The process for a green pool cleaning depends on the severity of the green pool algae problems. Once a determination has been made to make corrective actions, Clear Shine Pool Service will drain your pool, perform a complete Chlorine wash, filter cleaning, and re-balance the water after filling.

Special Note: We do not drain vinyl or fiberglass pools, and your sewer line must be on the property or open field. We will not drain directly into the street.

When you call Clear Shine Pool Service for a free quote for pool algae removal, we will ask you some questions such as "Can you see the bottom of the pool?" Our Sacramento customers know it's time to call Clear Shine Pool Service today and get a free quote!

Prices start at $400 with a one day turn around.

Clear Shine Pool Service is one of the fastest green pool clean up elk grove company in town. Majority of swimming pool companies can’t offer 1 day turn around like Clear Shine. If you open and close your pool each year, then you may know what it’s like to open up in the spring and find a green swimming pool. Perhaps, you went on vacation and came home to a pond instead of a pool. No matter how your pool got this way, it needs to be fixed…fast! What’s the point of owning a pool if it looks like your lawn? Clear shine pool service green pool clean up has years of experience in fixing swamp green pools. Algae, the small micro-organism that grows rapidly in warm water, is most likely the cause of your green water. But fear not! Pool algae is very easy to kill and control. Our Service is fast and we guarantee 1 day turn around for green pool clean up.

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